A Thousand Words

Is there something you used to love to do but then life happened and it became something you used to do? I think it happens to most people at some point and it definitely happened to me. In high school I found a love for art and writing. I would write beautiful stories and then act them out with my cousins. I would lose myself in art class and give all my drawings and paintings to my grandma, who actually framed them and encouraged me to keep at it. She happily took me to improv classes when I didn’t have a car and my parents were at work. Grandma Charlotte, Grams, Grammy no matter what you called her she was there, a ride or die kinda of lady and with her in my corner there was nothing I couldn’t do. Years passed and her support and love never wavered. When I was writing screen plays and tv pilots I would send her my work. When I needed an opinion on a character guess who I would call.
I wrote in my free time “for fun” while working 3 jobs to support myself living in Southern California after college. I put the paints away when I got a “real job” working 40 hours a week. I stopped writing because I was too busy dating and working. Grammy would ask, have you written anything lately? When I would talk to her each night on the phone after work. “A little, I have just been so busy. I met an amazing guy!” You see where this is going right? I wrote on and off here and there but never made it a priority.
That was 15 years ago and sadly 9 years ago that beautiful soul who was my grandma passed away. I promised her that one day I would follow my dreams of writing and I am reminded of that daily as I look at my 9 year old who shares her great grandma’s spirited outlook as well as her name.
So here I am pursuing a passion that lived inside me like an ember burning just below the surface all these years. 2 years ago I picked up paint brush and my home is now filled with art of my own creation and I smile sitting here writing as a profession knowing somewhere my Grams is smiling down thinking “I knew she could do it.”

Today I encourage you to think back to your youth and remember what made you happy maybe something you used to do can be the thing that brings you joy again.


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