Take Me Back To Paradise

Part 1

From the moment you step off the plane and take that first breath of tropical air something magical happens. Your body begins to relax. The smell of plumeria and pineapple creates an intoxicating aroma that triggers your brain to release dopamine and you can feel the vacation truly begin.

I want to go back and I miss it before I leave, so while I am there I soak up every single second. Maui. My favorite island. On that island is my favorite resort, The Grand Wailea. Grand is a great word to describe this hotel. The entire place is nothing short of magical.

The entire property is a garden like none other. You can actually take a tour and learn about all of the native plants on the island and see them up close and personal.
The sculptures and art work are so incredibly beautiful you have to stop and take them in each time you come across them. There are Hidden waterfalls with mysterious mermaids as well as benches to sit and enjoy your coffee and watch the sunrise. All stunning places to relish the beauty surrounding you.

That is just the beginning! The pools are where we spent most of our days. 5 separate pools connected by water slides, the fastest tube slide ever, a rope swing, lazy river, a sand bottom pool perfect for kids and the worlds only water elevator. I dare you to not be impressed. If fun slides are not your thing don’t worry there is sn adults only serenity pool. There is also the private beach. A piece of heaven here on earth.

If you are looking for more than pure relaxation by the pools or lounging on the softest sandy beach in the world, don’t worry there is plenty to do. Options include: early morning beach yoga, tons of shopping, hula classes, bracelet making with a side of Hawaiian History, scuba lessons, kayaking and a very entertaining luau.

There are also some of the best restaurants right there at the resort and a spa that will amaze you from start to finish, but they deserve their own post. No matter what your goal is when visiting Maui, The Grand Wailea is the ultimate location for an incredible vacation.


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  1. Claudia Mickiewicz Avatar
    Claudia Mickiewicz

    Sounds absolutely Amazing.


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