Grandma’s Cup

I am a coffee drinker. Time of day is irrelevant. I start my day with a couple cups, I like an afternoon cup and sometimes I will have an evening cup. In between those times I may have green tea, earl grey, or even a relaxing cup of chamomile. I am not usually very picky on the cup as long as the contents taste good. But sometimes when I need a little extra something I grab my special cup.

It’s a cup of joy and inspiration. A cup that is filled with all the extra good stuff. It’s a funny cup that says “Woof” on one side and has a picture of Pluto sticking out his tongue on the other. It was my grandma Charlotte’s coffee cup.

I can’t help but smile when I see it. It reminds me of so many memories. I actually bought it for her at a time when I was single and had moved to California on my own. I had very little money but I knew Pluto was her favorite character and bought this cup for her Christmas present. I was about 22 and when I gave it to her I felt like a little kid anticipating her reaction when I came to visit and gave it to her. She loved the cup not just because it was cute but because she knew the love and thought I had put into that simple cup.

Grandma and I talked over coffee on the phone all the time, since I lived a couple states away. She would tell me, “I have my cup”. I could see her in my mind drinking at her table wearing a motorcycle cap. I left every conversation with her, lifted up and encouraged in whatever I was doing at the moment.

When she passed away my mom made sure I got the cup back. It wasn’t that I thought it belonged to me because I bought it. And it wasn’t just that it had belonged to her. It was our cup. It was filled with shared memories and moments.

This morning I needed a little bit of her laughter and spirit. I can feel her reminding me that I can do great things. Do you have something that reminds you of someone special? Or even better are you lucky enough to be in the moments where you can still call that person and talk out your ideas and be encouraged? Don’t hesitate give them a call. Cherish it and do your best to remember them often when they are no longer with you in this life. I am incredibly blessed to have such a supportive family and some friends that have the ability to be excited over some of my craziest ideas, and I appreciate them to no end. But every once in a while I still need to get out the cup and remind myself that she believed in me like none other.

My hope for you this weekend as you get out your own coffee or tea cup that it is filled with a lot of love, some encouragement and plenty of caffeine to go after your hearts desire.

Leave a comment below with a memory of your own or to let me know who your special encourager is.


6 responses to “Grandma’s Cup”

  1. Colleen Kae Gundersen Avatar
    Colleen Kae Gundersen

    This is a beautiful memory to share. Memories can and should bring smiles and loving thoughts to people. Thank you for sharing this and perhaps helping someone else remember love and kindness in their own families. You are Blessed. Love you Aunt Colleen,


  2. Rebekah WestCoastGal Avatar
    Rebekah WestCoastGal

    Pluto always reminds me of grandma Charolette <3. We have a photo at Disneyland with Pluto when Riley was about 5, we waited in line just to get a photo of him with Pluto.
    Hugs cousin.


    1. I loved seeing the picture of tiny Riley!!! What a great memory.


  3. Such a sweet and meaningful connection from an everyday object! I have some things were my Nana’s,nor that she gave me, that stir up memories and make me send my thoughts to her…I totally understand ❤

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    1. Awe ❤️ I know how close you were with her


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