Dreams Come True

It’s been the most incredible year, dreams I have been holding in my heart have been coming true and my excitement for all the things coming in the future is next level.

It’s amazing what can happen when we put our passions on paper and commit to making them happen. Yesterday, after a lot of planning, months of work late at night and in between everyday life, I finally launched my first podcast. I was inspired sometime last year to share the stories of other people like myself who have decided to chase after some pretty huge dreams. I thought, what if there are people out there who are holding on to something that they want to do but they don’t have the courage just yet. What if I could help them get that courage by sharing my story and along with inspiring people chasing after a wide variety of business ideas and life changing dreams?

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I just never knew how it was going to happen. I always loved writing and sharing stories. Maybe, just maybe I can change the world in little ways, with my words. Even if its only one person that needs to hear what I am saying. I am putting it out there for the eyes that need to see it and the ears waiting to hear.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I was so worried about everything being perfect before I put myself out there that I delayed longer than necessary. But something in my interview with my first guest made me say, it’s time. It may not be perfect but it is real and will get better each week. It’s time to jump and grow wings after.

So if you are looking for encouragement or inspiration to make your dreams a reality give my podcast a listen. A the very least you might learn something new or find a little extra good in this crazy world we share.

Here are all of the links:

Spotify with audio and video

Apple podcast for audio only

YouTube Podcast


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      Get a chance to listen 😁

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