Lost and Found

You know that feeling when you find something you lost? The relief and pure happiness to have it back. It is even better when the thing you were looking for was actually connected to a person. Nope its not another post about a coffee cup.

I am actually thinking about friendships. I was once told we make friends in life that are here for a reason, a season or forever. But we never really know in the moment which category a friend will fall into, sometimes it takes years to figure it out.

Maybe someone you thought would be by your side forever was only supposed to get you through something you couldn’t have handled without their unique life experience. Perhaps another introduced you to the love of your life. Maybe there was a best friend in high school or college that wasn’t there for years and then you reconnected and are now closer putting them into that special “forever” category.

I am lucky because I have always even blessed in the friend department. I have come across the most genuine, kind, loving and supportive people throughout my life. But there have been friendships that were missing for a few years either because of a miscommunication, distance or just life changes. While I do sometimes wish for the moments we missed to be returned, I genuinely feel like we are better friends because we came back together. Time changes people, most of the time we change for the better. In our 20’s we are still figuring out who we are and as we discover that new improved version, complete with life experiences, we are able to be more to our friends. We can listen better when we are needed to step in as a shoulder to cry on. We can be more honest with our feelings and let someone know when they have hurt us and work through it.

The feeling of finding friendship with someone you thought was lost is one of the most incredible feelings. Unlike finding your missing keys, which is great, the feeling of a found friend isn’t fleeting. It’s something you reflect on often and it makes you appreciate that friendship so much more.

If you are out there missing someone who is not currently a part of your story here is your sign to make the call, send the text, reach out. You never know, it might just bring you back that piece of your heart that has been missing. And if nothing else it can give you peace that this particular friendship was there for the season or reason it was meant to be for.


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  1. Love this.


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