Fairy Sightings and Other Magical Moments

If you look carefully at the tree on the left, on the left side of the trunk you will notice a pair of what appear to be wings. My nine-year-old was sitting at the table and looked outside and saw the “wings” glistening in the sunshine. She shrieked and said “MOM! Come look. I just saw a fairy in the backyard.” Naturally, I came quickly because how often does one SEE a fairy in their backyard. I mean we see evidence all the time. Rose petals near a fairy door, money left when teeth are picked up. You know the usual.

I peeked out the sliding door and saw what she was seeing. The smile on her face was huge. I smiled back. This girl has always and Im saying ALWAYS wanted to see a fairy in real life. She leaves notes for “Pinky” her tooth fairy asking her questions about fairy life. She has made fairy houses and put them in our yard so they would have a place to rest if any happen by at night.

I love it. I love the pure belief in magic. The world can be a magical place if we allow ourselves to believe in the fantastical. If we could take a break from being grown-ups and look around we might find something magical in the ordinary.

If you are too busy being busy you will miss the beautiful sunset or the way the stars shine in the clear night sky. Flowers can bloom all around but if you don’t stop to notice their beauty it’s like they don’t even exist. You can’t see fairies if you are not looking for them. So this weekend stop for just a moment and breathe in the beauty around you, look outside you never know what you might find.

For this mama, I am going to take some time today and the kids and I are going in search of fairies.


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