Blessed in the Mess

It has been an interesting month. Between 3 sick kids and a fractured arm, let’s just say my plans for everything were put on hold. However, I found a lot of blessings during this series of unfortunate events.

When you are sick or have a kid that has a high fever you are praying for health. You just want everyone to feel better and promise yourself that when everyone is healthy you will appreciate that health so much more. We are stressed beyond belief when a kids temp hits 103, but when that fever breaks the relief is real.

I was so happy to have our health back that I couldn’t believe it when a simple slip at the top of the stairs (DON’T WEAR SOCKS ON WOOD FLOORS) landed me in Urgent Care. They did an x-ray and put me in a splint from my hand all the way past my elbow and told me to follow up with the orthopedist. Let me tell you, a mom with three kids who also happens to be finishing up a screenplay and editing a podcast does NOT have time for a broken arm. The number of things I was trying to do single-handedly was ridiculous. Every time I found a new challenge like trying to put eyeliner on, shave, or fit my arm into any of my normal shirts or sweaters, I would get mad and think “I do not have time for a broken arm” and “I will appreciate being able to do all of the little things when my arm is healed.” I started praying that the X-ray was misread, or that the fracture is so small it won’t require a cast, ANYTHING to have my arm free from the splint or cast.

I went to the orthopedist 4 days later and was x-rayed once more. The doctor came in and said there is a deep bruise but the fracture is so small he doesn’t want to put it in a cast. I should wear a sling for a week when out of the house so no one bumps it, but at home as long as I go easy on it I can work on mobility. My spirits soared.

I am thankfully on the mend and I can do all the little things that I was taking for granted, like making meals and putting on my own deodorant (and I got a dose of humility in the process on that last one). Was it ideal to fall down the stairs? Nope, not even a little. But man, I am blessed by this experience. Here are just a few of the things I will keep with me always because of it:

I have friends who are so incredibly thoughtful and kind.

I am lucky I was the one who slipped when it could have been anyone else in this house and now everyone knows why we don’t wear socks on the stairs.

Washing my hair with two hands is so easy, and taking a shower with both arms in the water is amazing.

I get to use both arms to hug my babies and pick up my little ones.

I don’t need new clothes because I am just happy I can fit my arm into the ones I have in my closet…especially the sweaters when it’s cold.

I am thankful for the healing of injuries and the mending of bones and for the temporary nature of all of the things that we experienced.

No matter what life throws at you try to find the ways you are blessed in the mess and have an amazing weekend.


2 responses to “Blessed in the Mess”

  1. Rebekah A Pomeroy Avatar
    Rebekah A Pomeroy

    Sheesh! Glad you are all well and your on the mend. XO


  2. Colleen Kae Gundersen Avatar
    Colleen Kae Gundersen

    You are truly Blessed Nikki. Being grateful in the mess of life gets you to so many new blessings just waiting for you. Love your writing.


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