Lindsay Hausch

Christian Author and Speaker

Lindsay Hausch answers the question, “what if our anxious thoughts can be the place we draw closer to God?” The short answer is, “Yes!” But since it’s not a straightforward journey, she explores it more in her debut book, “Take Heart: God’s Comfort for Anxious Thoughts.”

Lindsay won’t tell you to just pray more or have more faith. Why? Because she has struggled with OCD, social and generalized anxiety and knows that overcoming anxious thoughts isn’t a matter of squeezing our eyes shut and mustering enough strength and self control to feel better.

Rather than the expert, Lindsay is the friend that will walk beside you through another day, as you cradle the fragile seeds of courage and hope. (Biography from Amazon)

Interview with Lindsay

Lindsay Hausch Website


Take Heart: God’s Comfort for Anxious Thoughts

God’s Provision in a Wilderness World

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