A Scone Above the Rest

One of my favorite places for breakfast….

I had heard about the Crafted Scone before I walked into the cute little shop in Old Town Murrieta one really hot summer day. I was expecting something like the scones I have had many times over the years at tea houses or even in my own kitchen. A little dry, modestly flavored but a better option than a greasy donut. I was not expecting to find an assortment of treats so delicious that I would make sure all visiting family and friends would wake up to this treat at least once on their visit for years to come.
I was a little overwhelmed by the options as I was welcomed by the pleasant staff member behind the counter. Perfectly balanced Vanilla Bean, Lemon Lavender with a sweet lemon drizzle, Earl Grey that smells like a comforting cup of coffee on a gloomy Seattle day, Chocolate Chip, Unicorn and the list goes on. Believe it or not those are just the sweet choices! Did you know there is something called a sconewhich! Oh yes! Savory turkey, havarti with mango chutney or Caprese with balsamic on an onion scone. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.
The point is the Crafted Scone goes above and beyond your typical breakfast treat. In a world filled with donuts this place makes it easy to chose a scone. Just be sure to leave a lemon lavender for me.

To check out The Crafted Scone for yourself visit their website here : https://thecraftedscone.com/


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