Stop and Inspire

There is always a lot going on around my house. A lot. Mostly kid stuff, school, fun lessons, cleaning, laundry the list goes on. In between all of the daily to-dos I try really hard to sit down and write. An hour in the morning with my coffee and an hour after the kids go to sleep. And if I’m on a good roll I will sit and write randomly through out the day while kids are distracted and laundry is in the dryer (or realistically once its been pulled out and left on a bed for me to put away later because dislike folding laundry). Guess whose always watching. My Kids.

Especially my daughter. My sweet girl who told me I was an inspiration to her. I had to stop whatever I was doing and say, “Wait, What?”. I’m just a mom doing mom things and chasing my dreams in the space in between. She said I want to write a book with you. I can draw the pictures and we can come up with it together. So I put my own writing on hold. I opened my computer and we started writing together. Right then and there.

We got carried away, lost in the moment. Excited for a story to unfold. Its the holiday season so naturally it had to involve at least one of the six elves at my table (don’t ask they just keep showing up here). The story needed to help kids in someway and it had to rhyme. Those were our requirements.

So we did it together, created something new. Something to let a special group of kids know they are seen during the holidays. To show others under the age of ten that you don’t have to be a grown up to illustrate a book.

I could have said “that would be fun” and continued with all of the things I needed to do. Instead I stopped, I leaned into the moment and I am so glad I did.

We put it on amazon kindle this morning. The paperback needs some extra editing and will be there soon. None of that matters, it was the time and love we shared in creating something together. We will have that memory always, as well as a physical reminder of it to share with the world. And hopefully other families will gain some enjoyment and excitement because we stopped everything because she was inspired.

Check out our creation on Amazon the app is is free and our book is included in kindle unlimited.


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